Miscellaneous Projects

While taking on big-time projects with global organizations is totally within our wheelhouse, from time to time we like to flex our creative muscles with smaller and pro-bono projects. Regardless of size or budget, our mission remains the same: to delivery quality collateral designed to increase returns. Here are some great examples of our values in practice.


With a goal of offering authentic Mexican "fine" fast food, our clients turned to us to uncover a fresh, fun, and family-and-environmentally -friendly approach to tantalizing tastebuds. To reach that goal, we developed the brand from bottom up, and crafted winsome outreach and campaign materials. And our efforts worked: MexiGo´ received a standing ovation at their inaugural events, as evidenced by thousands of satisfied customers.

Aalborg Rock & Metal

An upcoming, local, volunteer-run organization promoting alternative music needed a brand, and a way to attract new member volunteers, and sell tickets! We rolled up our sleeves and developed what is now an instantly recognisable and street-level iconic logo that captures the "heavy" Aalborg spirit. We also kicked off their web presence by building the framework for a interactive website designed to promote engagement among the metal community. Horns up!

Back Office Basics

With a shoestring budget and not a lot of time to burn, our client wanted a referral-based web presence that would pull its weight. We cranked up the content to deliver a vibrant, and eye-catching solution that leverages best practices in UX/UI.


Aspiring foodies wanted a showcase for their catering service that features authentic, regionally-inspired dishes from the United States; but with a catch: they also needed to appeal to the danish market where the concept of American food usually equals burgers & fries. To reach the dual goal of attracting and educating, we developed an entirely new brand story to pique interest and whet appetites.

Springting For Seizures

M2C is proud to go the distance for Sprinting for Seizures - a charity run/walk fundraiser - by providing a fresh, pro-bono race-day T-shirt design.


Who said tech manuals need be boring? We certainly don't! Here we utilized best practices in copywriting and editing, paired with flawless layout to help this cybersecurity startup put forth polished, and professional collateral.

Radio Heavy

They asked, and we delivered! A small, independent radio show needed an identity, and M2C was there to help three students with empty pockets make a visual impact as well.

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